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Flying Bike’s Tail. Umrüstkit Fahrrad Pedalec E-Bike, geeignet für alle Fahrräder und traditionelle Fahrräder. Benötigt keine Installation.

Flying Bike’s Tail is a portable electric engine for bicycle, that assist you while pedaling. Without the support of any tools or technical intervention, the device allows you to convert your bike from simple bicycle into a PEDALEC or an e-bike. Flying Bike’s Tail consists of a solid aluminium box with contained dimensions, to be positioned on the rear rack of any bicycle and it is attached by elastic straps with hooks retention. The box contains the battery pack, a latest generation of BMS, the driver (Controller) for the electronic engine management system and its controls, and also includes the support aluminium bars holding the motors. The aluminium bars included in the box, protrude in a telescopic way, and through a revolution and further extension are positioned on the rear bicycle wheel. A stop system that excludes the spill, anchoring and ensuring the best functionality. A Once in position, the engine is kept in due pressure by a pair of functional elasticized straps that ensure the necessary adherence to the transmission of motion to the wheel. The device is very fast to put in the right position to work, as well as take out from a bike, ready to assist another biker. All in accordance with our philosophy: Plug & Play. Enjoy your ride ! Team.

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